Twirl Trial

(Current Project)
I'm part of team PACODA, we are developing a game called Twirl Trail, we were finalist in Dare to be digital 2016 competition.
Twirl Trial is 3D puzzle game that mixes the aspect of getting your character from point A to point B with the intricacies of rotating a Rubik's cube. I worked in navigation, which is also part of my dissertation topic "Which pathfinding algorithm is better for a 3D world".

The Fifth Sun

(School Project, exploring game design)
The Fifth Sun is a game that takes you through Quetzalcoatl's quest to help create a new race of men, us humans, the children of the Fifth sun. This is a project for my MSc Game Development (Programming) in the Module Media Specialist Practice at Kingston University. You can follow all the development of this game here