Headlings Arena

New game brought to life by Larva Game Studios and KaraOkulta Games
Exchange your head and your weapons according to your game mode, compete against other players in real time and dominate the battle arena to keep the elemental titans happy!
I worked in doing game, weapons and power ups system, also bug fixing.

Twirl Trial

Dare To Be Digital Finalist
I'm part of team PACODA, we are developing a game called Twirl Trail, we were finalist in Dare to be digital 2016 competition.
Twirl Trial is 3D puzzle game that mixes the aspect of getting your character from point A to point B with the intricacies of rotating a Rubik's cube. I worked in navigation, which is also part of my dissertation topic "Which pathfinding algorithm is better for a 3D world". To learn more about Twirl Trial's visit the website here.

The Fifth Sun

(School Project, exploring game design)
The Fifth Sun is a game that takes you through Quetzalcoatl's quest to help create a new race of men, us humans, the children of the Fifth sun. This is a project for my MSc Game Development (Programming) in the Module Media Specialist Practice at Kingston University. You can follow all the development of this game here

Truce & Trenches

Game Jam Game, awarded "Most ambitious Game"
This game jam theme was Armistice. so we designed and developed Truces & Trenches, which is a PC Game where you have to write a peace treaty while keeping your troops at bay.
I worked along the artist with the UI and menues. Check it out here

Street Gol Legion

New game of the Street Gol franchise
Legion is a football game, with improved game mechanics, new levels, PvP and art redesign.
I worked adding some UI and powerup features, also bug fixing.